the Paper Walls Report

The Paper Walls Report analyses the laws that are meant to keep rental housing healthy in Aotearoa New Zealand. Paper Walls:

  • Uncovers new arguments and options for tenants,
  • Finds pressure-points for legal change to help tenants,
  • Answers the questions:

Why aren’t current laws protecting tenants from unhealthy homes?
What laws need to change?
How can tenants in substandard rental housing in New Zealand protect themselves?
How can New Zealand’s housing law be used to raise rental housing standards?

Click here to download the Paper Walls report. The report was updated on November 15.

Two key new findings in Paper Walls are:

  • Tenants can stop their landlord from renting their home out again until the landlord brings it up to housing health standards.
  • Tenants can take their landlord to the District Court where the condition of their house poses a danger to their health. This gives tenants and tenant advocacy groups a chance to raise the profile of housing health issues and create legal precedent to give more certainty for tenants in the future.

PW Woman

Paper Walls includes a case study: Mere’s Story. Mere is a tenant in a sub-standard home, whose situation guides us through the law discussed in the report. The whole report is written in plain language, with legal jargon kept to the footnotes.

This 80-page report is New Zealand’s
new leading resource on the law that is meant to keep rental housing healthy.

This website is still under development, but will be a website version of the complete Paper Walls report. This will make the report much easier to find your way around.

We are also developing a range of simple resources based on the Paper Walls Report, which will be available here and on our mailing list. You can subscribe on the left-hand side of the screen.

Please be in touch on the contact form on the Contact Us page.



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